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last update: July 22 (revised look)

~Black and White~
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General Jemite

A picture I drew of "General Jemite" from "Destiny's Path", and I even I don't know how long ago I made it. I thought it came out really good, actually ^^ She's got the evil look going on ;) It's also posted under "Destiny's Path" in the fanfic section. [? '96]

I have yet to use this picture, actually ^^; It's part of a bigger picture with SD-Lyta and SD-Zeus. I think it's cute but the nose got really messed up ^^; [? '96/'97]
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The Tuxedo Senshi

Another picture from fanfiction/posted in the fanfic section. This one comes from "A Call in the Night" and is Jenni as the Tuxedo Senshi looking really embarassed. I think it's cute ^-^ Actually, this was drawn during French class, so maybe Jenni will have absorbed some of that ;) [early '97]

SD-Jenni looking baffled
This and the below image are a pair ^^; This is Jenni with her finger on her mouth looking confused. Note the plaid habit forms here ;) Not wonderful but I was watching TV at the time ^^; At the top she's saying "Nani/What?" [October '97]

SD-Jenni in kitty mode
I was looking at too many pictures of SD-Hikaru from Rayearth ;) So, I drew Jenni's face in "kitty" mode ^^ It's the same picture that I use for my banner. The words at the top mean "Me? What? Where?" and she's meowing in Japanese ;) I think it's cute ^^ [October '97]

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