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last update: July 22 (added 3 new pictures done in marker)

~Color Art~
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Jenni smiling
She's in her "mortal" form smiling (okie, so she's in "goodie two-shoes" mode from the second half of "Destiny's Path" ;)). Done in crayon and marker. It's alright, from a period of time where I did cutesy faces ^^; [late '96/early '97?]

SD Tuxedo Senshi
This is basically the same as one of the gifs in the black and white section, only I colored it in on the computer. I like it this way, for a first try at coloring ^^ [November '97]

Jenni as Jane
The title really doesn't make sense unless you've read "Xenocide" by Orson Card. If you have, well, I picture the character Jane a lot like Jenni but less. . .evil ^.- anyway, this is Jenni, drawn with prismacolor pencils (hah! High quality! ^-^), in her normal clothes, perched on my computer (but I didn't like how the computer came out so I eliminated it). [January '98]

Jenni Bookmark
Simple title, but what can I say, not much to elaborate on ^_-Anyway, this is a bookmark of SD Jenni I thrw together late one night. Colored with "el-cheapo" markers (hence the off-colors), and the tassle madeout of embrodiery thread. I like it ^^ [July '98]

SD Jenni Bookmark
Oooh, such a descrptive title, ne? ^_- Anyway, I had a bit of paper left from the above, so I threw this together real quick. It's different, but I like it for that. More of a simple thing. [July '98]

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