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Sound Gallery

The Sound Gallery

Ack. Well, this is tiny and very under construction at the moment (like anything isn't? ^^;) but I have high hopes for it :) It's a gallery of sound clips (in WAV format, zipped) from the series. I have half a dozen, but unfortunately, my microphone picked this as the time to go haywire :/ So these are really bad quality clips. I hope to make them better someday soon ^^;

The Clips (from the OAVs):

  • Nanaka - Sae saying "Nanaka. . ."
  • Mizuha - Mizuha's crazy laughter
  • Scream - Mizuha screaming ^^
  • Jeffkun - Jeff-kun from the flashback in episode 2 asking "What's Wrong?"
  • Jeffkun2 - again, Jeff-kun from the flashback saying "Cheer up"
  • Nocontrol - The scene from episode one where Nanaka comes flying by on a broom ^^
    • (Sae: "Nanaka, you came!. . . where'd you go?"
    • Nanaka: "I don't know!"
    • Takeo: "Let's go, Aburatsubo!")
  • Yokatta - a scene later on in episode 1
    • (Sae: "I'm glad you're safe. I'm really glad you're safe!" *twitch* [something I can't make out]
    • Aburatsubo: "Does your butt hurt?"
    • Sae: "*laughs* I- It's fine.")

    The Clips (from CDs):
    Note: (yes, these gets a special note ^_-) These clips are just short sample files of the actual songs (I've mentioned which characters sing what). I'd rather you go out and actually get the CD instead of living off of these, which is why they're so tiny in legnth (roughly 20 seconds) and in such poor quality. They're only meant as samples you know ^^;

  • Mahou Kurabu no Uta - (the members of the magic club)
  • Ohayou Jeff-kun - (Sae)
  • Nanaka wa Itsumo Genki! - (Nanaka)
  • Sonzai to Jikan - (Aburatsubo)
  • Moso na Boku - (Takeo)
  • Mashyu Maro Yakero - (Akane)
  • Theme of "Magic Wand" - (the chirping wand from OAV 4)
  • Haato no Tsubasa - (Nanaka and Akane)
  • Kitto Kitto... - (Sae)
  • Mata Ashita (Scat Version) - (the original singer) Midis:

  • Senobi o Shite ~ Follow You (done by: ?)

    Jeff-kunFollow Jeff-kun:
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