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Sounds: title graphic

Clips (from the OAVs):
Most of these are rather poor quality, since my microphone at the time absolutely sucked, and it was difficult to capture sound. I'm not planning on making any more, but I will take submissions if anyone wants to make them ^^ All files are in WAV format zipped.

  • Nanaka - Sae saying "Nanaka. . ."
  • Mizuha - Mizuha's crazy laughter
  • Scream - Mizuha screaming ^^
  • Jeffkun - Jeff-kun from the flashback in episode 2 asking "What's Wrong?"
  • Jeffkun2 - again, Jeff-kun from the flashback saying "Cheer up"
  • Nocontrol - The scene from episode one where Nanaka comes flying by on a broom ^^
    (Sae: "Nanaka, you came!. . . where'd you go?"
    Nanaka: "I don't know!"
    Takeo: "Let's go, Aburatsubo!")
  • Yokatta - a scene later on in episode 1
    (Sae: "I'm glad you're safe. I'm really glad you're safe!" *twitch*
    Aburatsubo: "Does your butt hurt?"
    Sae: "*laughs* I- It's fine.")

    Mahou Tsukai Tai! vocal collection:
    What would a sound gallery be without music? ^^ Below are some clips from the OAV Vocal collection for your listening pleasure. The files are in mp3 format, though rather low quality - they're meant to be samples to encourage you to download the CD, not replacements for it. I made these clips myself, so I would appreciate if you don't upload them to your own site ^^; Some of the older files, noted with an asterisk, are very brief (like, 20 seconds in WAV format) and I plan to replace them sometime soon.

  • Mahou Kurabu no Uta - (the members of the magic club) *
  • Ohayou Jeff-kun - (Sae)
  • Nanaka wa Itsumo Genki! - (Nanaka)
  • Sonzai to Jikan - (Aburatsubo)
  • Moso na Boku - (Takeo)
  • Mashyu Maro Yakero - (Akane) *
  • Theme of "Magic Wand" - (the chirping wand from OAV 4)
  • Haato no Tsubasa - (Nanaka and Akane)
  • Kitto Kitto... - (Sae)
  • Mata Ashita (Scat Version) - (the original singer)
  • Bonus Track - (the seiyuu, the vocal directors, etc)


  • Senobi o Shite ~ Follow You (done by: ?)
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