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~Black and White~
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"Mahou Kishi Jenni"
I drew this while in history class. If you've been to the other parts of the fanart gallery, you'll notice that I got bored often in that class ;) It's a black and white rendition of Jenni as a magic knight ^^ [December '97]
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SD Jenni
This is the same image of SD-Jenni that's on the mainpage. I just really like it ^^; I did it during history class and there was a dialogue that went with it but I cut it. [December '97]
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SD Jenni
Yet again, another scetch of SD-Jenni from history class ^^; This one looks a little chubbier, and it's in my normal style so it looks a lot different. Not bad, since it's on lined paper ^^; [December '97]

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