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last update: June 22, 1998: Pretty much redone, added some new color pictures

The Jenni Gallery
Art and Fanart done by others

Jenni: "Dang this place was due for a overhaul. In any guess, take a peek, this a gallery full of images of me!. Some are really old, some accompany fanfiction, some don't, some are just doodles on the back of class notes, some are nicely done. Some are even drawn by really nice visitors. The common link: me. (What? It's my gallery, you expected different?)
In any case, they're sorted into sections, so the thumbnails don't crash your computer ^_- My creator's got some messed up way of organizing them which I sort of adopted. See, they're split up into subsections below. Then those are divided into a couple pages for easy loading. Older stuff is on the front pages at the top, new additions deeper in and with bold titles. Told ya it was wierd ^_-

Guest Art
Black And White Computer Generated
Color - (updated)

That's it. Scram.
Wait wait wait, I just thought've something. If you wanna draw a picture of me, my creator'll gladly post it for ya. Send her an e-mail at to let her know you want to send her the image and she'll give you instructions from there. Oh yeah, and my creator wants to mention these aren't all the pics of me, just all the ones she's scanned. That's it, so um, get lookin' already!"

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